The mission of the St. Louis School-Business Partnership is to foster a dynamic collaboration between schools, community and businesses to leverage resources, make connections, and provide career and post-secondary learning opportunities.

About Us

The St. Louis School-Business Partnership (STLSBP) is a 501(c) 3 organization which consists of local businesses and school districts within the St. Louis region. The STLSBP formed in 2011 with the merging of the South/West and the North County School-Business Partnership both having been in existence since 1990. The efforts of the two partnerships were to develop, design, implement and evaluate services that helped middle school and high school youth learn life-skills that could enhance their success beyond the classroom. Today, the work of St. Louis School- Business Partnership consists of strengthening these relationships and building effective school-business partnerships that are sustainable and prepare our youth for our future workforce.


We succeed when our organization:

  • • Actively involves school, community members and business representatives in the governance and programming process.
  • • Facilitates the use and sharing of resources and expertise between stakeholders to enhance learning within the organization.
  • • Provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and other stakeholders to learn about specific careers and/or post-secondary programming that are aligned to their strengths, talents and abilities to assist in the process of making career choices.
  • • Fosters relationships between businesses and schools for access to career information, guest speaking opportunities, tours, and advisory committee membership.
  • • Continuously works to align organizational goals with the demands of the workforce.